The BE Poster is an inspirational list of virtues and aspirations such as BE Kind, BE Green, BE Confident, BE Humorous, BE Honest, BE Adventurous, BE Studious and many more. It will attract interest in any room in your home, school, office or place of worship. It also makes a lovely gift for a child, friend, family member, co-worker, student, graduate or teacher. The message is intended to offer a little inspiration each day enabling us to overcome obstacles and become better people. I hope The BE Poster becomes as much of an inspiration for you as it has been for me. Click on "About Us" under the flower below to learn more about the creation of The BE Poster. All BE Product website purchases include shipping and handling fees. (Note: PayPal processes credit card payments for this website and the transaction is a secure purchase using your regular credit card. There is no additional fee for the purchaser and you do not have to create a PayPal account to use this method.)